Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Five days, five posts, six followers. One of them is me. One of them, thrillingly, is someone I don't know. (At least, I don't know if I know you. Care to unveil yourself, Captain Dogfather?)  A handful of comments, all of them from Dave or Emmet. Criticism from my mother for swearing too often. Two lists. One Embarassing story. New Years Resolution to write something every day, whether its a song, a story, an article or a blog post: going mostrly strong, if sketchy and uneven. Social life: lively. Blake Lively.

Apparentally Relevant?

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  1. oh yeah i'm captain dogfather this is billy by the by i had to come up with a name on the spot and lately i got to raise 7 puppies all who i gave titles to such as doctor, professor, etc so yeah captain dogfather blah