Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Thing That Made This Whole Weekend Worthwhile

The Mountain Goats are my favourite band in the whole world. I have never seen them live, because they rarely come to Ireland (I mean, why would you?)

If you would like to listen to the Mountain Goats so they can become your favourite band, too, click here.


  1. you know in all the length of time we lived together i don't think you ever made me listen to them you just talked about making me

  2. Really? What a terrible, terrible oversight. Are you listening to them now?

  3. no but thats due to lack of proper internet and austrailians having a shit taste in music like mega shit like now thats what i call music my dad used to listen to and that my mom thinks all the cool young kids are listning to shit. altho i did read in a magazine that they are one of the bug bands to watch out for this year