Friday, February 11, 2011

This is Why No-one Takes Feminism Seriously

I feel sorry for Feminism sometimes. Let's face it, the world really doesn't take her seriously. If Feminism was a person, she would probably look exactly like Phil and Lil's mum from The Rugrats.

It's generally accepted that Feminism, the poor old gal, is a bit redundant, at least when she's talking about Western culture. Feminism hasn't been remotely cool since the seventies, which Feminism seems to have idly accepted. Since then, Feminism has been content to hang around in some kind of metaphorical waiting room with all the other semi-retired social movements, like Marxism, who hogs the good magazines, and Communism, who won't stop telling Marxism about China.

Feminism has a lonely life.

Today, however, Feminism raised her little old head again and reminded me how bat-shit crazy she is. Because today, I found this in a second-hand book shop.

Yes, you read that right. Her Blood Is Gold: Awakening to the Wisdom of Menstruation is actually the title of a real book that I found in a real book shop. I couldn't actually bring myself to buy HBIG but I did go home and google it out of morbid curiousity, where I found reviews like this:

"Lara Owen presents a viewpoint on menstruation which is startling in its reversal of conventional attitudes. Her presentation is so lucid and convincing that after reading it one wonders how one could ever have regarded menstruation as a problem. This book is a must for any woman seeking wholeness. This is the rare kind of book that creates culture rather than merely commenting upon it. Lara Owen has sketched the outlines of a new social norm.”
Steven Bratman M.D., author of The Alternative Medicine Sourcebook (Lowell House)
I don't know about you, but I am utterly terrified at the prospect of this Lara Owen woman sketching new social norms out of God knows what. Another reviewer promises that "you will never look at menstruation in the same way again".

Feminism, you are a creepy bitch.


  1. Marx would bust blood vessel at the prospect of China's free market economics and suppression of every single individual thought... Loved the retired lounge image.
    And now I am going to drown in mind bleach because "Her Blood Is Gold" and looking at menstruation in a new light is pure nightmare fodder.

  2. You have the best tags in the blogosphere (which I just discovered isnt an "actual place", dang). Also "tags", not a double entendre. No matter how much I wish it could be.

    I know Feminism can be a vicious Cycle. It seems so dated and this defintiely feels like a period piece that you're writing. See what i did there?