Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Noose Update

This isn't really a proper post at all, so you don't have to pay an awful lot of attention to it if you don't want to.

#1 Part of the reasons I've been slow-ish on posts these days is because I'm not doing a bit of scribbling for the Irish music website, Drop-D. If you're in anyway interested in the opinions I attempt to form there, you can read my entries so far here and also here.

2# In case you haven't seen it yet I've started a Facebook page for Work In Prowess where I post both blog and drop-d updates. You can "like" that if you'd like, but only if you'd like to.

3# You may have also noticed that my updates are much less frequent these days. This is something to do with my final exams, which are in two weeks. After these exams are over I will have two letters after my name, and they will be "B" and "A". They will probably be the only letters I will ever receive after my name, so I'll try to make the most of them.

#4 If I can get momentarily cheesy, I want to thank everybody for reading this thing and being so supportive of it. No-one ever gets tired of their work being read and enjoyed, even if the majority of that work is nostalgia and soapboxing. So, yeah. Thanks. Really, thanks.


  1. you should tell people ba stands for bad ass

  2. I am just delira that you follow instructions and provide things to read.