Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panic in The Streets Of

So. In a rather bizarre turn of events, it turns out I don't live in Ireland anymore. In addition to this, I also don't work in a movie shop anymore. Perhaps most crucially, I no longer live with my family. I realize that for many of you, this signifies the end of your relationship with my blog, and honestly, I don't hold this against you.

I've always imagined that if people derived any kind of joy from Work in Prowess it was a peculiar brand of schadenfreude, a theory I've derived from people telling me that they primarily read my blog when they're  hungover. It's ok, I get it. Your brain feels like it's leaking out your ear, your mouth feels like the underside of a couch cushion, and you are inundated with feelings of mild shame and self-disgust. What else is there to do but listen to some lanky bitch give out about her job and lack of motor skills?

Sadly, while Work in Prowess will soldier on, many of you will lose interest, as I am now the lanky bitch who is taking positive steps in furthering her tentatively formed life-goals by moving to London.

YES, THAT'S RIGHT. Merry old London town. Home of Prince Harry, Sherlock Holmes and the superiority complex. I am now a film journalism intern at the flippin' brilliant film website Best For Film. It's been a rather sudden move, in that I got the position on Wednesday, quit my long-loathed retail position two hours later, and was at a party in Peckham by Saturday night. It's now Sunday evening, and I've spent all day getting myself set up in my friend Danny's flat, which he has quite gamely allowed me to squat in.

Having unpacked my stuff and already sussed out which of the six kebab shops surrounding my apartment is The Bad One, I guess it's safe to assume that my blog, nay my entire life (although there is very little difference between the two) is set to endure some slight changes. Hopefully, we can now look forward to me making a fool out of myself in a host of new and excting ways.

See Caroline unintentionally insulting other cultures!

Getting off at the wrong tube station!

Forsake Irish culture entirely!

Cocking up at the office!

And much, much more.


  1. That's so cool:]
    I might be joining you soon [fingers crossed!]

  2. Still speaking to a Londoner (Londonite?) on occasion, I can confidently say there will still be opportunity for schadenfreude but that aside, congratulations. London is one of those places I can see myself diving head long into on the first day of living there, quickly adopting a bad rendition of local accents and misusing local slang by the following morning. I've already got the 'drinking beverages with my pinky jutting out' thing going on, and it's for these reasons that I should never actually move there. So, for my own safety, I will continue to live there vicariously through others. You go, Caroline. You writer thing.