Monday, August 8, 2011

Paying It Forward

In my short time in the blogging world, I've noticed a few things about the traits of bloggers. For one thing, they are categorically hot. I'm not even trying to give myself a sly pat on the back here: it seems the more bloggers I meet the uglier I feel. They literally must be the only breed of people who spend eight hours a day on the internet and still make me want to perpetually suck in my stomach and comb my hair. You'd think this would only be true of fashion bloggers (who I mostly resent or am jealous of), but you'd be wrong. Take a look at Allie Brosh, the mind behind the massively popular humour blog Hyperbole and a Half:

Life is not fair.

Another thing I've noticed about bloggers is that, whenever anyone asks them why they started their blog - to many a thankless, inane activity - they all respond in the same way. A shrug, a half-smile, and some variation on the phrase "I was bored."

This is only partially true. What they mean is, I am tired. I am tired of everyone not thinking I am as awesome as I think I am.

A few days ago, I made one small breakthrough in my own personal battle, "The People VS. Caroline's Ego", when my friend Cliodhna of Dann Sind Wir Helden awarded me this thing.

Whatever it is

Apparently, it means my blog is good. At least that's what I'm taking from the word "blog" and the cartoon heart that quickly follows. I've also been informed that it is my solemn duty to pass on this award to 3 other bloggers who have under 100 followers. So, uhm, here it goes.

The first that springs to mind is a little-known blog called Manmachine201's Uneasy Guide to Life. I know very little about the man or the machine, but he is one of very few bloggers that can give you a laugh while still getting a worthwhile point across. My favourite is his hilarious post about the media's sympathy war between Norway and Amy Winehouse.

Another blog I'd like to mention is AWNYA, one of the few craft bloggers that doesn't seem like a total dickhead. Not only are her designs wonderful, she also brings a lovely presence to her blog, and completely avoids that smugness that Properly Creative people seem to be perpetually hampered with.

Lastly, I'd like to mention This Guys Pet Peeves, a blog that is so fuelled by vitriol that it's entirely likely that "This Guy" will despise being tagged in this post. This blog is the internet's answer to Seinfeld. Another comment he'll probably hate.


  1. You got it all wrong, I'm smugged up to the brim. When I saw a comment about this Lobster Blog thing I thought it was a real proper blog award. I was all like 'BOUT TIME! Seriously though, thanks! You're too lovely! :)

  2. Having just worked out that I need to disable a cookie? (what the fuck does that even mean? am I in a gingerbreadman version of the film Goodfellas?) ...I CAN leave comments. a HUGE fan of your blog and I shall demonstrate that with EXCESSIVE USE of capitalising random words. thanks very much for the props. you have quadrupled my readership. (4 hits a day! I'll be up there with Perez Hilton soon.)

    If the retaliation blog I wrote about your blog being better than mine sounded creepy then its probably just because I am a bit of a creep, but seriously, keep it up because there have been at least 3 sundays where it stopped me killing myself.