Monday, October 10, 2011

the illustrated hum

Sometimes people ask me about the image in my blog header, and when they do, I tell them this story: On my 21st birthday, there was one person who was drunker then I was. That person's name is Chris. He looks like this:
You see now why I needed someone to draw something for me.
Chris was so drunk, in fact, that he vomited all over my kitchen floor. I'm told he did some other, equally embarrassing things, but unfortunately I was passed out on the floor of my parent's spare room, so I don't know what these things were.
Chris felt bad about throwing up on my kitchen floor (he shouldn't have, because honestly, it took the heat off me for a while) so as a gift, he drew me the header for my blog. I fell in love with it quite instantly. I vowed never to change it, unless Chris came up with something beter.
Chris later teamed up with my dear friend Emmet, who looks like this:
Please know this was well-intentioned
Together, Chris and Emmet began to make and review comics. (I like to think that my party was at least partially responsible for this.) Recently, they started a website for comics. It is a very good website. Well, it looks good. I find it hard to judge the content because I have an ongoing feud with comics. It's mostly because I'm jealous that when a brunette goes to a costume party, she gets to be the kick-ass Wonder Woman, while blondes are stuck with the lame-ass Super Girl. I mean, come on. Not cool.
Anyway, if you like comics - and chances are, you do, given how much time you spend of the internet - you should check out their webiste. It's called Cosmic Treadmill, and you can find it at the similarily titled I don't usually plug my friend's projects, but I think it's about time I thanked Chris for his wonderful drawing, and Emmet for the complete Gilmore Girls he gave me. Emmet, you are my complete Gilmore Girl.

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